Capture And Analyze Your Customer’s Entire Call Experience

Your customers’ contact center experience starts the moment they dial your number and ends when they hang-up the phone.  Shouldn’t your analytics look at calls the same way?

The Whole Call Tells the Whole Story

AVOKE® Analytics is the only solution that captures and analyzes the whole call – the entire call flow from start to finish – so you can see how every part of your service delivery strategy is working.

You also get better business intelligence because the whole call tells the whole story. AVOKE analyzes more than your customer’s interaction with an agent. It includes all transfers and their experience with menus and self-service applications. It even records and analyzes calls handled by your partners.

The AVOKE Analytics cloud solution provides real-time reporting and dashboards. Patented BBN technology generates an automated whole call transcript, an IVR experience log, and call categories immediately for each call. Users can easily create custom data views and drill-down through any report to listen to whole call recordings. Implementation is simple, with no new technology to deploy and no data to transfer and ingest.

AVOKE Analytics delivers new insights to improve business decision making and introduce strategic business intelligence for the enterprise.

  • Increase customer satisfaction by discovering where your call flows and service delivery processes force customers to exert more effort than they believe is appropriate for their inquiry.
  • Identify avoidable call volume and unnecessary talk time to reduce contact center costs.
  • Real time speech analytics captures what your customers say about your products and services providing invaluable information to help improve systems and business processes.

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AVOKE Call Browser Quick Demo

AVOKE Customer Effort Index

According to research by the Customer Contact Council, one of the best predictors of customer loyalty is Customer Effort. The AVOKE Customer Effort Index provides 22 automated measurements of customer effort so business analysts can track improvements and benchmark performance against other companies and industries. Improve customer loyalty and satisfaction with the AVOKE Customer Effort Index. 

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Analytics in the Cloud

AVOKE Analytics is a cloud-based solution, which means:
  •     No new technology
  •     No needed upgrades
  •     No audio file transfers
AVOKE captures interactions in the telephone network and provides a web user interface for easy access and reporting.  And, it's PCI compliant to protect your sensitive information.

How Does It Work?


AVOKE is PCI/DSS Certified